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1 HR      Smoking Fish & Sausage Updated 12-15-14
2 HR      Mounting a 12 Volt Removable Winch to Your Pickup  Updated 12-23-14
3 HR      Big Game Hoist to Fit Trailer Hitch Receiver Updated 12-06-13 *
4 HR      Building a Universal Trailer from a Old Pickup Bed  Updated 12-17-16
5 HR      Building a Pickup Rack for a Multi-Usage Tarped Camper Updated 09-09-16
6 HR      Building a Slide In Camper Movable Storage Dolly Updated 12-22-14
7 HR      Care & Feeding of a Deer Hunter Updated 12-23-14
8 HR      Exterior Ballistics for Hunters Updated 02-02-16
9 HR      Firearm Range Safety Rules & Etiquette Updated 12-23-14
10 HR      Ramblings of a Deer Hunter Updated 01-07-17
11 HR      Wilderness Survival Updated 01-11-18
12 HR      4 wheel Quad Riding in The High Country Updated 12-22-14


The above numbering system may change from time to time when I add articles

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