Winchester Model 1885 "High Wall"

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The drawings listed below are scanned off existing factory catalogs, or existing books 
These Illustrated parts Drawings are shown only to help you identify needed parts, they ARE NOT parts that are made or supplied by the host of this website

Most of these illustrations will be from factory catalogs, however some are taken from Frank de Haas's Single Shot Rifle book & are for identification only, & ARE NOT factory part numbers unless identified as such.  This is important as about all obsolete parts suppliers use ONLY factory or closely associated numbers where ever possible so everyone is on the same page.


Note, for some of the older firearms, many over 100 years old, the factories never used what we now know as assembly drawings, but just views of many of the component parts & possibly randomly placed 




The Above illustration taken from Frank de Haas Single Shot Rifles & Actions book, but the numbers HAVE BEEN CHANGED to match factory numbers.  

 The numbers on this illustration reflect all Winchester numbers that utilize the last 2 designating the model number of the firearm.   So, a #52 here equals Winchester #5285.  There are basically 3 different variations of this firearm, (1) the Hi Wall, (2) the Low Wall, & the Windor Musket.
The omitted numbers are in question, at least temporally, as there was never a factory exploded view like this & old numbers are hard to track down.

The parts listed below are for your identification purposes only. 
The author of this website DOES NOT have any parts.



 1 thru 11  Barrel  27485  Knock-Off Stop Pin
 29885  Breech Block  27585  Knock-Off Operating Pin
 2385  Extractor, (specify caliber)  27685  Knock-Off Spring
 5285  Finger Lever  27785  Knock-Off Spring Pin
 5685  Finger lever pin  27885  Knock-Off Spring Screw
 5785  Finger Lever Pin Stop Screw  27985  Knock-Off Spring Screw Nut
 27085  Finger Lever Plunger .  Lower Tang
 27185  Finger Lever Plunger Spring  14485  Lower Tang Screw  (wood screw)
 2585-B  Firing Pin, Black Powder (.122 dia tip)  13085  Link
 2585-S  Firing Pin, Smokeless Powder (.074 dia tip)  21285-S  Link Pin, (short)
 2585-RF  Firing Pin, 22 Rim Fire  21285-L  Link Pin, (long)
 25885  Firing Pin Stop Screw  51185  Peep Sight Plug Screw
 6385-F  Hammer O/S (for flat leaf mainspring type)  8285  Receiver with Tang
 6385-C  Hammer N/S (for rat-trap coil mainspring type)  23485  Side Tang Screws (2 required)
 44085  Hammer Fly  11685  Sear
 44185  Hammer Fly Pin  11785  Sear Pin
 13185  Hammer Pin  11885  Sear Spring
 14385-F  Hammer Spring,  (flat mainspring)  11985  Sear Spring Screw
 14385-C  Hammer Spring   (rat-trap coil mainspring)  8785  Trigger
 27285  Knock-Off  8885  Trigger Pin
 27385  Knock-Off Pin  9185  Upper Tang Screw
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