Winchester Model 100

Rifle & Carbine

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The drawings listed below are scanned off existing factory catalogs, or existing books 
These Illustrated parts Drawings are shown only to help you identify needed parts, they ARE NOT parts that are made or supplied by the host of this website

Most of these illustrations will be from factory catalogs, however some are taken from Frank de Haas's Single Shot Rifle book & are for identification only, & ARE NOT factory part numbers unless identified as such.  This is important as about all obsolete parts suppliers use ONLY factory or closely associated numbers where ever possible so everyone is on the same page.


Note, for some of the older firearms, many over 100 years old, the factories never used what we now know as assembly drawings, but just views of many of the component parts & possibly randomly placed 


The above illustration taken from an original factory parts list dated 1958


The parts listed below are for your identification purposes only. 
The author of this website DOES NOT have any parts.



 100D  Barrel with Receiver, Rifle,  243 Cal.  2300  Hammer
 100C  Barrel with Receiver, Rifle,  308 Cal.  2400  Hammer Lock
 100E  Barrel with Receiver, Rifle,  284 Cal.  2500  Hammer Lock Spring
 100L  Barrel with Receiver, Carbine,  243 Cal.  4388  Hammer Pin
 100J  Barrel with Receiver, Carbine,  308 Cal.  4488  Hammer Spring
 100M  Barrel with Receiver, Carbine,  284 Cal.  2600  Hammer Spring Guide
 4400  Barrel Band, Carbine  2700  Hammer Spring Guide Pin
 200  Bolt Complete  2800  Hammer Spring Guide Rod
 300NS  Bolt  4788  Hammer Spring Guide Rod Pin
 300ANS  Bolt Assembly  2900  Magazine Complete, (243, 308 Win)
 400  Bolt Sleeve  2900A  Magazine Complete, (284 Win)
 500  Bolt Sleeve Lock    Magazine Follower Assembly, (243, 308 Win)
 600  Bolt Sleeve Lock Pin    Magazine Follower Assembly, (284 Win)
 700  Bolt Sleeve Pin  3100  Magazine Lock
 2188  Butt Plate  5488  Magazine Lock pin 
 9112  Butt Plate screw, (2 required)  3300  Magazine Lock Spring
 800  Dampner  3400  Operating Slide Guide Assembly
 900  Ejector, (2 required)  3500  Operating Slide Pin
 1088  Ejector Pin  4900  Operating Slide Spring, Inner
 1100  Ejector Spring, (2 required)  5000  Operating Slide Spring, Outer
 1200  Extractor, (below serial number 119,000)  5100  Operating Slide Spring Guide
 6300  Extractor, (above serial number 119,000)  213102  Pistol Grip Cap
 1388  Extractor Plunger  214102  Pistol Grip Cap Insert
 1488  Extractor Spring  45102A  Pistol Grip Cap Spacer
 1300  Firing Pin  4002  Rear Sight, (Lyman #16A)
 1400  Firing Pin Spring  3800  Receiver
 1500  Forearm Bushing  5200  Recoil Block
 1600  Forearm Screw, Rifle  6388  Recoil Block Screw
 4500  Forearm Screw, Carbine  6488  Recoil Block Screw Washer
 2788  Forearm Stud  3900  Retainer
 1700  Forearm Swivel, Rifle  6588  Safety
 4600  Forearm Swivel, Carbine  6688  Safety Spring
 103E  Front Sight, .310 High  6888  Safety Spring Plunger
 103H  Front Sight, .260 High - 284 cal.  3259  Sling Strap, 1"
 3278  front Sight Cover  4000  Stock, Rifle
 1900  Gas Cylinder  4700  Stock, Carbine
 2000A  Gas Cylinder Plug, 243 cal  13470  Stock Swivel Bow, 1"
 2000A1  Gas Cylinder Plug, 284 cal  4100  Stock Liner
 2000A2  Gas Cylinder Plug, 308 cal  12970C  Telescope  Sight  Base Plug Screws (6 required)
 2000B  Gas Cylinder Sleeve  4200  Trigger
 2100  Guard Housing Assembly  2700  Trigger Pin
 2200  Guard Screw  4800  Trigger Spring


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