Savage Model 99
EG, R & Featherweight Versions


The illustration shown below was scanned off a Savage factory parts list, using factory reference numbers, which are converted to factory part numbers.  This is important as about all obsolete parts suppliers use ONLY factory or closely associated numbers where ever possible so everyone is on the same page.


Note, for some of the older firearms, many over 100 years old, the factories never used what we now know as assembly drawings, but just views of many of the component parts & possibly randomly placed or in a close approximation as seen below



The illustration shown above is from a original factory parts list dated about 1955 & show factory part numbers


The parts listed below are for your identification purposes only. 
The author of this website DOES NOT have any parts.




 99-1  Barrel less Sights  99-417  Lever Bushing 
 99-2  Receiver  99-419  Lever Bushing Screw
 99-5  Butt Plate  99-420  Escutcheon (Fore-end)
 99R-5  Butt Plate (model R)  99-421  Fore-end Screw, Short (model EG)
 99-11  Barrel Stud  99R-421  Fore-end Screw, Long  (model R & F)
 99F-11  Barrel Stud (model F only)  99-422  Pistol Grip Cap
 99-25  Breech Bolt  99-423  Pistol Grip Cap Screw
 99-710  Breech Bolt Assembly  99-424  Hammer Bushing
 99-30  Carrier Spring  99-425  Hammer Bushing Screw
 99-32  Butt Plate Screw (2 required)  99-426  Hammer Indicator
 99-59  Extractor (Specify Caliber)  99-427  Hammer Indicator Pin
 99-65  Extractor Pin  99-428  Hammer Indicator Spring
 99-75  Slot Blank  99-429  Hammer Indicator spring
 99-77  Firing Pin  99-431  Lever Lock Pin
 99-107  Hammer  99-433  Lever Lock Tension Spring
 99-701  Hammer Assembly  99-434  Carrier (Specify Caliber)
 99-166  Mainspring  99-705  Carrier Assembly (Specify Caliber)
 99-218  Front Sight  99-435  Carrier Spindle (Specify Caliber)
 99-229  Rear Sight  99H-435  Carrier Spindle (Specify Caliber)
 99-233  Rear Sight Step  99-436  Carrier Spindle Head
 775-252  Stock Bolt  99-437  Carrier Spindle Head Screw
 94-253  Stock Bolt washer  99-438  Carrier Spindle Nut
 99-279  Trigger  99-441  Sear Screw (Specify Caliber)
 99-284  Trigger Spring  99H-441  Sear Screw (Specify Caliber)
 99-285  Trigger Pin  99-442  Sear Screw Nut
 99--289  Dummy Screw, Tang (2 required)  99-444  Breech Bolt Stop / Trigger Spring Screw
 99R-289  Dummy Screw, Telescope (4 required)  99H-576  Carrier Spindle Support (Specify Caliber)
 99-396  Firing Pin Securing Pin  99-703  Fore-end (model EG)
 99-410  Automatic Cut-Off (old style) Specify Caliber  99F-703  Fore-end Semi-Beavertail (model F only)
 99H-410  Automatic Cut-Off (new style) Specify Caliber  99R-703  Fore-end Semi-Beavertail (model R only)
 99-411  Automatic Cut-Off Spring (old style)  99-704  Safety Lever Lock
 515-278  Automatic Cut-Off Spring (new style)  99-707  Sear
 99-412  Breech Bolt Stop (specify caliber)  99-708  Stock with Butt Plate (model EG)
 99H-412  Breech Bolt Stop (specify caliber)  99F-708  Stock with Butt Plate (model F)
 99-414  Cartridge Guide (specify caliber)  99R-708  Stock with Butt Plate (model R)
 99H-414  Cartridge Guide (specify caliber)  ?  SRC, Saddle Ring
 99-415  Cartridge Guide Pin (2 required)  ?  SRC, Saddle Ring Staple
 99-416  Lever . .


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