Remington Model 511



The illustration shown below was scanned off a Remington factory parts list, and are factory part numbers.  This is important as about all obsolete parts suppliers use ONLY factory or closely associated numbers where ever possible so everyone is on the same page.


Note, for some of the older firearms, many over 100 years old, the factories never used what we now know as assembly drawings, but just views of many of the component parts & possibly randomly placed as seen below


The parts listed below are for your identification purposes only. 
The author of this website DOES NOT have any parts.



Part numbers listed above & below are factory part numbers as shown in this illustration from 1978.  

This model shares the basic action parts with a youth target model 521T & the standard target model 513


 22820  Bolt Body  107  Magazine Lock, (old style, metal screw retained)
 814  Bolt Assembly  596  Magazine Lock, (new style, shown, wood screw retained)
 247  Bolt Handle  108  Magazine Lock Screw, (old style,  machine screw, 2 req)
 6  Bolt Sleeve  19636  Magazine Lock Screw, (new style, wood screw, 1 req)
 17922  Bolt Sleeve Pin  1010  Magazine Assembly, (5 shot)
 17578  Butt Plate  2170  Magazine Assembly, (10 shot)
 18778  Butt Plate Screw  105  Magazine Guide  Plate
 330  Ejector  17577  Magazine Guide  Plate Screw
 331  Ejector Screw  19809  Main Spring
 32  Extractor, LH  58  Main Spring Plunger
 34  Extractor, RH . .
 17571  Extractor Pin .. .
 35  Extractor Spring . .
 212  Firing Pin . .
 17934  Firing Pin Cam Pin . .
 21076  Front Sight, (A Grade). . .
 129  Front Sight Ramp, (P grade) . .
 130  Front Sight Ramp  Screw, (P grade) . .


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