Remington Model 1889 Double

The 1902 Remington parts catalog listed this model as "New Model (1889) Double Gun"

The illustrations below are scanned off Remington factory parts list of 1902 and uses factory part numbers.  This is important as about all obsolete parts suppliers use ONLY factory or closely associated numbers where ever possible so everyone is on the same page.


Note, for some of the older firearms, many over 100 years old, the factories never used what we now know as assembly drawings, but just views of many of the component parts & possibly randomly placed as seen below 


The parts listed below are for your identification purposes only. 
The author of this website DOES NOT have any parts.


The factory illustration above & part numbers shown below are from a Remington factory catalog dated 1902.

For information as to how to identify your Remington hammer double barrel shotgun, CLICK HERE


 2  Bolt  23  Hammer, specify RH or LH
 3  Bolt loop  24  Joint check & extractor cam
 4  Bridle, specify RH or LH  25  Joint pin
 5  Butt plate, rubber  26  Top lever
 6  Bolt rocker  27  Top lever spring
 7  Butt stock  28  Locks, per pair, specify RH or LH
 8  Bolt stop  29  Lock plate, specify RH or LH
 9  Bolt stop cam  30  Mainspring, specify RH or LH
 10  Bolt stop cam screw  31  Screws
 11  Extractor  32  Sear, specify RH or LH
 12  Fore-end complete  33  Sear spring, specify RH or LH
 13  Fore-end iron  34  Sight
 14  Fore-end catch complete  35  Stirrup, specify RH or LH
 15  Fore-end base  36  Tumbler, specify RH or LH
 16  Fore-end catch hook  37  Tumbler pin or screw
 17  Fore-end catch spring  38  Trigger plate
 18  Fore-end tip, rubber  39  Trigger, RH 
 19  Frame  40  Trigger, LH
 20  Firing pin  41  Trigger spring
 21  Firing pin spring  42  Fore-end,  wood only
 22  Guard bow . .


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