Marlin 1891 Sideloader 22 Cal.

 Lever Action Rifle


These CAD drawings use as close to as factory part numbers as we can resurrect.  The purple parts show the semi-pistol grip version.   The BLUE parts being the difference between this model & the later 1891.  These firearms underwent numerous improvements from the 1891 Sideloader, to the standard 1891, then the 1892, then 1897, 39 & 39A.  Many of the subsequent models used some common 1891 parts.


This is the only place ANYWHERE that you will find these correct illustrated part numbers
as it took me YEARS to disassemble each different model, lay them out & figure out the changes
and then do these CAD drawings





The parts listed below are for your identification purposes only. 
The author of this website DOES NOT have any parts.





There are so few of these guns & we can not find any factory parts lists, therefore we recommend you look at the standard model 1891
 views for part numbers that may help    CLICK HERE


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