High Standard Internal Hammer Pistols
Models A, B, etc.


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Part numbers listed above & below are factory part numbers as shown in this factory 1959 illustration.

 7  Extractor retaining pin  34-A  Safety assembly
 8  Firing Pin  35  Safety screw
 9  Firing Pin retaining pin  36   Safety  spring
 10-A  Grip Frame  37  Safety ball
 11-B  Grip, LH  38-1  Sear,  (type 1)    has spring hole
 12-B  Grip, RH  38-2  Sear,  (type 2)    no spring hole
 13-S  Grip screw (4 required)  39  Sear spring
 14-S  Grip Escutcheon (4 required)  40  Sear pin
 15-A  Hammer  41  Sear bar
 16  Hammer pin  42  Sear bar spring
 17  Hammer strut pin  43  Sideplate
 17-A  Hammer strut  44  Front sight
 18-B  Magazine body  52-A  Slide, (stripped)
 18-B  Magazine bottom  56  Stop lug
 19  Magazine follower  57  Stop lug plunger
 20  Magazine spring  58  Stop lug plunger spring
 21  Magazine catch   59-AB  Takedown lever assembly
 22  Magazine catch spring  60-H  Takedown lever plunger
 23  Magazine catch pin  62  Trigger
 24  Magazine button  63  Trigger pin
 25  Mainspring  64  Trigger pull pin
 26  Mainspring Plunger  65  Trigger plunger
 27  Pick-up spring  66  Trigger plunger spring
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