Colt Model "N", Pocket Hammerless

   Model 1908,  Caliber 25 ACP

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The above illustration was taken from NRA  Illustrated Firearms Assembly Handbook, Volume II with the numbers changed to show actual factory part numbers


1  Receiver 16  Slide Lock Safety 
2  Slide 16A  Slide Lock Safety Plunger
3  Barrel 16B  Slide Lock Safety Plunger Spring
4  Extractor 17  Grip Safety
5  Extractor Spring 18  Grip Safety Pin
6  Extractor Pin  19  Sear Pin
7  Firing Pin  20  Retracting Spring
8  Main Spring 21-1  Recoil Spring Guide Assembly, type 1, non mag. disc
9  Main Spring Guide 21-2  Recoil Spring Guide Assembly, type 2, mag. disc type
10  Trigger 22  Magazine Catch
11  Connector 23  Magazine Assembly
12  Trigger Pin 26  Stocks, Checkered Walnut, per set
13  Sear Stop Pin 27  Stock Screw
14  Sear 28  Safety Disconnector
15  Sear, Safety, Trigger & Magazine Catch spring 29  Escutcheons, per set

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