Charles Daly / Miroku O/U Shotgun
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The parts listed below are for your identification purposes only. 
The author of this website DOES NOT have any parts.


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The above illustration taken from an original Charles Daly parts list of about 1965

These guns have been discontinued for many years, with a few New Old Stock being available from _________
or some of the more commonly broken new manufactured parts from


When trying to find parts, remember these guns have been discontinued & those companies who do supply SOME parts may not be able to supply all you may need. 
However You Need to Specify gauge, grade & model type

For your information, the last of this model evolved into the first Browning Citori firearm
You will have to remove the butt stock to identify the type of Top Lever Spring  

 351C         Front Sight   2224-20-T3   Top Lever Spring, Type 3 (20 ga.)
 221D         Rear Sight    2224-T4   Top Lever Spring, Type 4 (coil)
 222A       Forearm Cleat Screw      2224B  Top lever Coupling Pin
 223          Hammer Lever Receiving Rod  (Cocking Slide)  (specify ga & if O/S (round) or New Style, rectangular)  2224C   Screw for Top Lever Coupling Pin
 223A      Pin for Hammer Lever R. Rod  2224D  Top Lever Spring Pin
 224A        Ejector coupling Pin    2225   Locking Bolt (specify type & ga)
 225L   Ejector Slide, Left (specify ga.)  2226  Trigger Guard
 225R      Ejector Slide, Right (specify ga.)  2226A  Trigger Guard Pin
 225A       Extractor Screw  2226  Trigger Guard Screw
 228         Hammer Lever  (specify ga.)  2227   Forend Iron (specify ga)
 228A       Hammer Lever Pin   2227B  Forend Iron Screw
 229          Hammer for Upper Barrel  (specify ga.)  2227C   Forend Iron frame
 229A       Hammer Pin    2327  Forend Cleat Screw
 2210       Hammer for Lower Barrel  (specify ga.)  2328  Forend Catch Frame
 2210A   Hammer Pin   2328A   Screw for Forend Catch frame
 2211-12    Hammer Spring (LH) for Upper Barrel (12 ga.)  2228C  Forend Catch Spring
 2211-20     Hammer Spring (LH) for Upper Barrel (20, 28, 410)  2228D  Forend Catch Spring Screw
 2212-12      Hammer Spring (RH) for Lower Barrel (12 ga.)   2329    Forend Catch Lever
 2212-20     Hammer Spring (RH) for Lower Barrel (20, 28, 410)   2329A   Forend Catch Lever Pin
 2212A     Sear Pin  2234   Forend Wood Only Field Grade    
 2213-12      Sear for Upper Barrel (12 gauge)  2235  Stock Only Field Grade (specify ga.)
 2213-20      Sear for Upper Barrel (20 gauge)  2335  Stock Only Superior grade        
 2214        Sear Spring  2230RH   Ejector Hammer RH (specify ga.)
 2214A    Sear Spring Rod (Plunger)  2230LH  Ejector Hammer LH (specify ga.)   
 2215-12   Sear for Lower Barrel (12 gauge)  2231RH   Ejector Spring RH     
 2215-20     Sear for Lower Barrel (20 gauge)  2231LH  Ejector Spring LH
 2216       Firing Pin hold Screw  2232  Ejector Sear
 2217OS  Firing Pin  (no spring)  2232A  Ejector Sear Pin      
 2217NS    Firing Pin  (uses spring)  2232B  Ejector Sear Spring      
 2217A     Firing Pin Spring   2233  Ejector Operating Rod, Lower     
 2218A  Trigger Pin   2233A  Ejector Operating Rod, Upper
 2219   Trigger Lever    2336  Recoil Pad, for Superior or Trap Grades
 2219B    Trigger spring   2336B  Butt Plate
 2220    Block- Inertia   (specify gauge) 2336A   Recoil Pad Screw
 2220A  Block Pin   2237  Stock Bolt
 2221A   Selector Guide Block  2237A   Stock Bolt Spring Washer
 2221B  Safety Spring (specify ga.) 2237B  Stock Bolt Washer
 2223  Top Lever  (specify type #) 2238   Pistol Grip Cap for Superior Grade
 2224-12-T1  Top Lever Spring, Type 1 (12 ga.) 2328   Forend Catch Frame
 2224-20-T1  Top Lever Spring, Type 1 (20 ga.) 2218  Trigger 
 2224-12-T2   Top Lever Spring, Type 2 2328B  Screw for Forend Catch frame  
 2224-12-T3  Top Lever Spring, Type 3 (12 ga.) . .

Note --- Many of the internal parts, like the Hammers, Sears, the Hammer Springs (Mainsprings)
& Top Lever Springs are different sizes for the 12 & 20 ga. guns

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