Browning - FN 1910 / 1922
32, 380 ACP




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The above illustration & part numbers are taken from a Browning 1978 parts catalog

The model 1910 is shown here, where the 1922 is basically the same a but would have had a longer barrel & slide, & a higher capacity (longer) magazine with a corresponding longer frame to accommodate it.

 PO57220  Barrel, 380 Caliber (1910 model)  PO57444  Magazine complete 32 Cal
 PO57223  Barrel, 32 Caliber (1910 model)  PO57300  Magazine Latch
 PO57319  Connector  PO57495  Magazine Safety
 PO57320  Extractor  PO57288  Magazine Safety & Extractor Spring
 PO57234  Extractor Pin  PO 57326  Recoil Spring
 PO57245  Firing Pin  PO57480  Safety
 PO57255  Firing Pin Spring  PO57493  Safety Spring
 PO57257  Firing Pin Spring Guide  PO57288  Sear
 PO57350  Grip Plate - Left  PO57490  Sear Pin, Magazine Safety Pin & Grip Safety Pin
 PO57360  Grip Plate - Right  PO57318  Sear Spring
 PO57380  Grip Plate Escutcheon, (threaded)  PO57210  Slide
 PO57390  Grip Plate Escutcheon, (Unthreaded)  PO57330  Slide Ring
 PO57370  Grip Plate Screw  PO57270  Trigger
 PO57310  Grip Safety  PO57280  Trigger Pin
 PO57440  Magazine complete 380 Cal . .




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