Winchester Model 71 & 1886 Breechbolt dimensions for the Bolt Peep







The sight pivot hole is the same as the extractor pin hole.  The (2) 1/8" holes under the peep are not tapped.  The front hole has a 1/4" hole up from the bottom, almost all the way thru. It is the recess for a screw head above the firing pin.   The slots for the peep appear to be cut with a 1/16" X 1" dia slitting saw, & done in 3 settings by dropping it down instead of slitting the full length in one pass.   There is only about .015 material left between the extractor slot & the peep slots.

This drawing is of a model 71 bolt.  The 1886 would have a different size hole for the larger FP tip & no retainer cross pin. 


This 1886 firing pin is cut for the bolt peep, that has a firing pin tip of about .106 dia.  You will notice it has no retainer slot in the bottom rear, as does the model 71


Model 71 firing pins with a tip dia. of about .075.  The body has a reduced dia., not for lightening, but to provide relief of debris & therefore binding.   It has the retainer pin slot.

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