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These guns were have been made in 22RF, 25RF, or 32RF.  Extractors are different  height for each caliber, however it may be possible to alter the 22 (longest) to fit the others if  the width and hole are right.  

Some of the early 1894's used the 1889 extractor. The intermediate 1894's had a wider top section than the bottom, this was originally  thought to be only on the larger calibers, but a couple of early 1894's  in 22RF have been located with a wide top also. 

Confusion is compounded in factory illustrated parts catalogs, as depending on the vintage of the catalog the part numbers have also changed.   Also, in the deHaas books, his illustrations show a late ejector version 1894, which uses the 1915 extractor/ejector.  Also the numbers he uses are illustration numbers only,  not factory part numbers.


Below is a compilation of MANY years of comparing different guns while manufacturing extractors while using a machinist's perspective of how the transitions played out.









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                                                                                               Model                                                            Illustration                                         Part # used

1889 & early 1894 
     (side style extractor)   some call it the 7 o-clock style

           wpe8.jpg (2688 bytes)


1894 (center style -intermediate  type extractor)
  240 wide top, .152 wide bottom .193 dia.  pivot hole

#13WB = .191 dia hole


1894 (center style -late extractor)
      .200 wide top to bottom.193 dia. pivot hole

             wpe9.jpg (1693 bytes)

#14B / 28B 

Late 1894 &1915 
                (model 1915 stamped on top tang)
      .240 wide,  .193 dia pivot hole
  Spring loaded plunger system of  ejection was also used on some late special order 1894s,   this unit is actually called an ejector

           wpe8.jpg (2196 bytes)


                    Savage Favorite Extractor
                    Made after 1960

(made 1971-1989)

            wpe10.jpg (2074 bytes)


   30G (introduced 1999)

 . .