STEVENS  44,  44 1/2  

  Type     Factory #           Description                 Illustration

Our number

Type 1      #?        Side Style, .256 dia. hole
                             .142 wide
                             Also called the 7 O'clock
          wpe5.jpg (3083 bytes)


Type 2     #12      Center style, .290 dia hole
                             .150 wide bottom
                             .250 wide top
         wpe6.jpg (3037 bytes)   #12-2-CW
Type 3     #?       Center style, Same as type
                            #2 except top section is
                            bent to the rear 5 degrees
         wpe8.jpg (3164 bytes)   #12-3-CW
  Type 4   #8       Center style, spring loaded 
                            plunger   .290 dia hole,  .237
                            wide     22 RF only
           wpe5.jpg (2806 bytes)   #8
  Type 5   #13     Center style, .200 dia hole
                            curved rear section, .250
                            Same as model 44 1/2
            wpe7.jpg (2020 bytes)   #13-5-CS
  Type 6    #?       Center style same as type 
                             #5 except .200 wide. 
                             22RF only
                             Same as model 44 1/2
           wpe8.jpg (2020 bytes)   #13-6-CS

Due to the fact that original factory parts lists may not exist for all the types used on these firearms, our part numbers reflect the closest factory number we can find &/or with suffixes relating to our designated type, then either a side style, center style, wide top, or small hole

There may be others that I have not identified, if you have one that is original and different, and you/we can positively identify the gun,
I would like to borrow it for use as a sample CAD drawing purpose.

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