Savage/Stevens Single Shot Shotgun Identification





History :   There is not a lot of documentation for the older Stevens single shot shotguns.  Even parts lists that relate to models that we know or can identify.  The Blue Book of Gun Values is very vague, does not even list them, except in the rear "serialization" where it shows years of manufacture & estimates of quantities made.   Therefore we have to do some detective work as to the transgression of the models.

Small gun companies have traditionally been bought out by larger ones, this area is no different.

We will try to describe each model as for mechanical changes, with the focus really on EXTRACTORS.

Below appears to be a transgression of some models with the older at the top
Stevens 89







Stevens 106





Savage 94




Below are the newer versions Savage 94B





Savage 220






Stevens 9478




Spare Parts :   Wisner's Inc makes many parts for these guns, however we do not make barrels, wood or many of the larger receiver parts.   The best place to find this type of parts may be on e-Bay.  Go to , type in "stevens parts".  However many of these people who tear down inoperative guns that they pick at garage sales do not really know exactly what they have.    They may be very vague in their descriptions and sometimes the pictures are not clear.  This may be on purpose.

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