Savage / Stevens 22 Caliber Semi-auto Bumpere






The earlier Savage/Stevens/Springfield 22 Semi-auto rifles use a machined steel "Bumper" with coil spring that is set in the upper top of the rear barrel above the chamber.  This bumper's part number is #87-29.  Over time, the factory "modernized" this gun, utilized a cheaper stamped formed sheet steel spring that took the place of the original.  This new style bumper was prone to breakage over time.  They later went back to the older style for some versions.

Below is the dimensions to modify the barrel & receiver of the "New Style" to accept the "Old Style" bumper.  The barrel has to be removed to install these units.  To do this you will have to drive out the(2) barrel retainer cross pins in the front bottom of the receiver.  You might be able to hold onto the barrel, with a brass rod against the bottom of the receiver, tap the receiver back and off the barrel.  If this does not work, then you will need to find a rod the size that it will go in from the rear of the receiver, bear against the rear of the barrel.  Note  - DO NOT DAMAGE THE REAR OF THE BARREL. 

Once the barrel is removed, you may have to open up the notch in the top of the barrel to allow the wider pivot tail of the older unit to fit.  Then turn the receiver upside down, mark it in the location as shown below, drill a hole about 3/4 the way thru the upper part of the receiver, on the centerline with a #30 drill.  The spring is 1/8", so you need a hole slightly larger.


In reassembly, place the bumper in the slot in the barrel, slide it as a unit into the front of the receiver.  When the rear tail of the bumper nears the new spring hole, place the spring in place, slide the barrel in farther while holding while guiding the bumper and spring.  Be sure the barrel is aligned in the proper rotation.  Once the spring is captivated by the bumper, you can push it all the way on.  If you aligned it properly, the retainer pins can be reinstalled, securing the barrel to the receiver.

Now all that is left is the final reassembly.




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