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Mossberg at one time had somewhat of a code for their models as to which type of firearm it represented, this had a few glitches slip in, but in essence was somewhat functional. In the ideal situation, say a bolt action 22 caliber rifle may have started out with the early model as a 42 the next version of it saw life as a 142.   As things progressed, the next could be a 242, with 342 following.   The differences could be a revision of the earlier firearm, or a more radical complete new gun.   There could be any number of suffix letters assigned to each guns model.   These usually were letters designating different sights, stocks, barrel length, etc., the basic gun was still the same.

The coding to designate a 22 caliber bolt action single shot series was rather non-existent, but the bolt action clip (40 series), and a bolt action tube feed seemed to reside in the (35/45/46 series).   In the semi-auto clip, there was the (52 series), while the tube feed versions were (50/51 series, with later as the 333,377,388,430,& 432)

Shotguns in the bolt actions used a (73/83 series) to designate (410), while the (85 series) was 20 ga., (90 series) was the 16ga., and the (95 series) was the 12ga.

This is not all comprehensive, and does not go way back to the earliest models, but it may help give the average reader some idea of how the models fit into the picture.

Listed below will be some of the models in categories

22 Caliber Rim Fire Rifles

Bolt Action  Single shot

Bolt Action Clip

Bolt Action Tube

Semi-Auto Clip

Semi-Auto Tube

Lever action Tube

B 42 35 152 50


C 43 35A 250 51


10 44 35B 350 151  
14 140 40 352 251  
20 142 45   333  
21 144 45AC   351  
25 340 45B   377  
26 342 45S   388  
30   46   430  
34   146   432  


410 20ga. 16ga. 12ga.
73 85 90 95
83 185 190 195

Center Fire Rifles

Lever Action Bolt Action (Med) Bolt Action (Long) Bolt Action (rotary) Bolt action-Howa
472 / 479 800 810 RM7 1500

Model 810 Info : 
 When Mossberg introduced the original Model 810 in 1971 it was a long action suitable for the 30-06 length of cartridge.   It had a detachable 4 shot box type magazine.   It was only after the addition of other calibers that it became available with the "new" hinged-floor plate design.   It was in the last few years of production, 1975-1978, that the box magazine was dropped in
favor of the integral top loading magazine.

Model 472/479 Disassembly Info :  After you have removed the screw at the forward end of the sub-frame, with the carrier in the lowered position, push in the loading gate until it clears the opening in the receiver.   Move the sub frame downward, just enough to clear the frame.  NOW...  Insert a tool (a pin punch will do) to depress the bolt locking block to its full up position and hold it there.   Move the sub-frame toward the front and downward and remove it from the receiver.   Take care that the loading gate does not drag on the sub-frame. Take note that the hammer strut (rebound lever) will drop out of the rear as this is done. Take care not to lose it.



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