Models 342 thru 740K




Part #

Models 342, 342K            wpe11.jpg (2322 bytes)

#1193 O/S

Models 342, 342K             wpe10.jpg (2607 bytes)

#1193 N/S

Models 320B, 320K, 320KA, 321  ?   wpe11.jpg (2784 bytes)

#1465 O/S

Models 320B, 320K, 320KA, 321 ? wpe10.jpg (2760 bytes)

#1465 N/S

Models 400, 400A, 402                        wpe13.jpg (2522 bytes)


Models 620K, 640K, 642K, 740K wpe12.jpg (2748 bytes)


There is confusion in the factory parts catalog as to part numbers and illustrations for #1193 & 1465, these appear to be mixed up on various models. 

But if you compare the guns that use a longer action, and do take the 1465, it is clear the factory is wrong saying it is 1193.  I have factory original packaging  with 1193's in it, so I am confident that my information is right.  I have also discussed this with other old time factory warranty gunsmiths and we all agree.  We however can not without examining many models, be sure of exactly which guns the 1465 fits.

We do know the factory parts catalog is wrong and the since the factory has discontinued these guns, they do not care.

Also I have factory information inserts from parts packages that state "The #1193 and #1465 have been redesigned to prevent breakage.  The new pin will fit older bolts"  This refers to the heavier tip section, you will note the top of the bolt is slit all the way to the top, so that it will indeed accept the new style.  I believe this is why they never assigned a new number to the #1193 and 1465, but just sent the new style when the older versions dried up.   There is one parts distributor who insists on the older pins, I guess he does not want the hassle of convincing his customers that the new style are better and will fit.

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